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Our most popular online course that covers the length and breadth of ABAP. Our SAP ABAP Training is a comprehensive course designed for beginners. No prior programming knowledge is required.

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ABAP WebDynpro Training

Keep yourself up to date with the evolving technologies. Our ABAP WebDynpro course gets you started in no time developing beautiful web applications using the ABAP WebDynpro framework.

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SAP Workflow Training

Give yourself an edge learning additional skillsets to be a rounded consultant. Learn the intricacies of SAP Workflow and handle your next ABAP project like a champ!

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We Share Experiences

Over a decade of my experience is shared in this all-in-one guide that covers A to Z of ABAP programming. Learn from the basics to the most advanced topics in ABAP. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced SAP consultant, you should feel at home with our simplified presentation of the subject. We bet no other book covers ABAP like we do!

What makes us different

We constantly innovate to standout from the crowd and make this course as effective as possible. To this end, we have come up with unique ways to provide training with many industry first training methodologies.

Some statistical highlights!

  • 1800 + Student Community
  • 4000 + Forum Interactions
  • 6 + Years of teaching
  • 10 + Years of SAP experience

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Art of Learning

Art of Learning I ain’t no scientist who discovered the secret of learning but being a keen learner myself, I would like to jot down few of my observations out of my own experiences. Everyone has their own style of learning but the key points remain the same. I feel learning is two dimensional and to keep things in perspective there are few things I, as an instructor should follow and there are few things you, as a student should follow. The best of way of learning anything is to apply it...

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Mar 23rd Kiran Bandari
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Learning a Programming Language

Learning a Programming Language The biggest concern by many is whether they can learn ABAP if they do not have any programming background. This is one of the most frequently asked questions so let’s try to understand, in this blog post, what it takes to learn a programming language. If you are looking for a quick answer then it’s a NO, you don’t need to have knowledge in one programming language to learn another but you do need to have a thinking brain to learn any programming language. I’d divide...

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May 05th Kiran Bandari
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Online Training

Online Training Technology is evolving at a fast pace and each passing day it looks at improving our lives without having to move an inch from our computers. It’s up to us whether we use these evolving technologies to make our time more productive or stick to the old ways of doing things and waste our time in running from one place to another. If you take banking for example, don’t we still remember those old days when we had to waste so much time standing in the queue for doing simple banking...

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Mar 23rd Kiran Bandari