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Something about us!

This training is designed with a hope to share my knowledge and help people learn SAP ABAP the most effective way. After spending over 8 years working as an ABAP consultant and seeing people who have come to me for guidance, I feel there is a big gap between what institutes focus on teaching and what the companies look for in a prospective candidate. My attempt is to bridge this gap. This website is an honest attempt to help people learn SAP ABAP the right way, with the right practical real life exposure and without the commercial element to education.



The course has been designed scientifically, rewriting the rules in the process. With over 4 years into teaching, we've realized conventional methods just don't work when it comes to learning a programming language like ABAP!


Practical Knowledge

Amazingly everyone tries to impart practical knowledge(read programming) with a theoretical presentation and killing the fun in the process. We've noticed people enjoy learning a programming language more when they are provided enough challenges to excersise their brain.  



We believe in keeping things interactive and responsive. Teaching something from begining to end in a single breath only complicates the subject and makes it impossible to remember. Take an idea and explore it as you go along. Discussions and deliberations are the way to go!

We turn ideas into our work

If something can be learned practically, we ensure it's learned that way by designing assignments which are both fun and brain training.

Learning from our experience and inspired by the research

We believe there should be a healthy balance between theory and practise and we have designed our E-Learning course keeping this philosophy in mind:

  • All lectures are available online as recordings of live classes, allowing you to go through them at your pace
  • Scientifically designed assignments to enhance your practical understanding of the subject
  • Articles to explore the subject to a tee
  • Our online quiz helps you to test your progress.
  • Support through forum and chat to attend to any questions that pop into your mind!
  • Code Review - Submit your assignments for a code review and get personal feedback for every assignment.

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What our students say about us

We always strived to amaze people with our services. Listening to our students to constantly improvise and make the course both effective and fun has always been our USP. Not having a single negative feedback is a testimony to our commitment to make this course the best in the market. We are our own competition and put an enormous effort to innovate and simplify the learning process!

I had undergone SAP ABAP training from Kiran and it's been really wonderful. The way he teaches each session, the assignment he gives will certainly test our logical thinking and improve our confidence. All the Best Kiran, Keep continue your good work.- Manikandaraja
Janamanchi Seetaram
I've undergone SAP ABAP from IML training and I must say, the training has really helped me to learn the fundamentals of ABAP and how to apply these training sessions into workplace. I'm completely satisfied with this course and would recommend anyone who wants to learn ABAP.-Priya
Bharat Suri
A wonderful place to begin even if you are a novice in SAP. Kiran's training will provide with more than what's required to be at par as per industry standards. Would suggest to anyone looking for online training. Kudos !! - Bharat

After I have gone through Kiran's introduction ABAP classes on YouTube , I thought I should join IML Education and learn ABAP. After I joined this course I realized that it is contributing excellent role in strengthening my Basis Knowledge. He is very knowledgeable and he makes ABAP very simple through his teaching. Kiran, Thanks for your help. You are a genius in teaching. - Subramanian
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime..." Thats what Kiran's philosophy is and I've witnessed this in his actions. He brings his entire self to the job and seeks ways to give his students a real world application for knowledge, taking learning to the next action-packed level. He expects great accomplishments from his students and these qualities make him a great and unique teacher. - Rajni
Janamanchi Seetaram
Mr. Kiran had a passion for ABAP. He is an experienced professional and Subject Matter Expert. I like his attitude in spreading the knowledge. His teaching approach is simple, systematic and detailed. While pre-recorded sessions give the flexibility, he is always approachable for guidance and suggestions. I strongly recommend the course to all aspirants. With Best Wishes, Seetaram.J

A price that fits your needs

By providing everything in an online platform and giving you the options, we let you choose what fits you best.

E-Learning course gives you the flexibility to do the entire course at your own pace as opposed to stretching yourself to keep pace with everyone else in the class.

SAP ABAP - Live Classes
Everything in E-Learning course
Plus attend live classes
One to one sessions for advanced topics
Dedicated mentor for project
One month job support
100% support through forum and chat
2 months server access for practise
Try it for a week!
SAP ABAP - E Learning
E-Learning Module
Recorded sessions archive
Course Material
Various Articles on all topics
100% support through forum and chat
Code Review - Personal feedback on assignments
2 months server access for practice
Live Projects at the end of course
Try it for a week!
SAP Workflow - E Learning
E-Learning Module
Recorded sessions archive
Course Material
Various Articles on all topics
100% support through forum
Personal feedback on assignments
Code Review
2 months server access for practice

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